Craft BeerNAPALM


International Bitterness Units (IBU): 22

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) 8.1%


This is a taste bomb. Imagine smoked chipotle chile. This fiery lover, you will either love or hate. There is no middle ground. It’s a gastronomical event!

Recommended consumption temperature: 9-14°C
Pack: 0,33L

Heat, danger and taste bomb in a small dose. A mix of tired beer (English Old Ale), Mexican smoked Chipotle chili and Peruvian Ai chili. Disturbing and attractive like a fiery lover. You will love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. We recommend it for gastronomical experience, enjoying every drop of it.

Type: Chilis English Old Ale
Malt: Pale ale, Caramünich II., Special B
Hop: Magnum, Brewer’s Gold

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